How do I dispose of Mercury?

Mercury won’t harm you or the environment as long as it stays inside the product and is handled properly when you’re finished with it. Andover currently has two drop-off sites available, in addition to the collection at the spring and fall CRT and HHW collection events: (Health Division at Town Hall and Public Works at 5 Campanelli Drive).

Please bring any unbroken items containing Mercury to these locations, except for fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL). Mercury products include, but are not limited to: glass thermometers, old thermostats, blood pressure machines, barometers, rechargeable and lithium batteries.

Do not bring alkaline batteries to these locations, they are to be disposed of in your regular household trash.

Please bring your Mercury items inside an unbreakable plastic container or clear plastic sealed bag. If you think you have a large quantity of Mercury, please call 978-623-8700 - Do not transport to the collection sites! Button batteries (which contain large amounts of mercury) can be dropped off for recycling at several downtown locations. Look for boxes labeled "Recycle button batteries."

For more information on Mercury, please visit

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