How do I appeal my assessment?
The Board of Assessors is responsible for hearing all initial property appeals. If you feel your home is a) over assessed or; b) disproportionately or unfairly assessed compared to other similar property assessments or; c) taxed incorrectly as a commercial rather than residential property or residential rather than commercial property, you must file an appeal with the Board of Assessors on an approved form. Appeals may be filed with the Board of Assessors after the third quarter tax bill is issued. The third quarter bill is typically issued the last week of December. All appeals must be received by the Assessors on or before the first business day in February. The Assessors will reply to your appeal within three months after the date you filed the appeal.

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1. How do I appeal my assessment?
2. What if my appeal is denied?
3. Am I eligible for property tax relief of some sort?