Serio's Grove Reservation

Serio's Grove Reservation is a 18.8-acre property that curves along the banks of the Shawsheen River, lying in between Shawsheen Pines Reservation and Pole Hill Reservation. In addition to stands of mature oak and pine forest, this property also contains a small grassland area, which provides critical habitat for wildlife species that depend on meadows for foraging and nesting. 

Like many open spaces in Massachusetts, the land was actively used for agriculture and homesteading long before it was acquired by the Town of Andover for conservation purpose in 2001. Research into the history of the property revealed that the Serio family lived there for many years, where they ran a boat rental business among other ventures. Frank Serio Sr was an environmental activist who helped address and prevent river pollution from businesses along the Shawsheen. Out of appreciation of his efforts to protect this important waterway, the conservation property now bears his name. 

Today, Serio's Grove is well known and loved as a camping location for local groups like Eagle Scouts. A wooden pavilion, picnic tables, and fishing spots offer a serene escape into wilderness, despite the property's proximity to an otherwise industrial part of Andover. 

Public Access

Due to safety concerns regarding pedestrian traffic over an active railroad,  the only public access available for Serio's Grove is currently from the river by boat. Several established launching sites are available for boaters to pull up with picnicking or camping gear. For larger special events that may require safety measures to cross the tracks, please contact the Andover Conservation Division for crossing assistance and additional logistical information.


There is currently no parking available for Serio's Grove.