Leaf Collection

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About Seasonal Curbside Leaf Collection

Curbside leaf collection will occur for 6 weeks in the fall and 6 weeks in the spring. 

Fall: The 5 weeks before Thanksgiving and one week following Thanksgiving week. No collection during the week of the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Spring: The 5 weeks before Memorial Day and the week of Memorial Day. 

Leaves accepted ONLY if:

  • In open barrels or - 
  • Brown paper leaf compost bags 
  • Each bag/barrel weighs 50lbs or less 
  • No rocks, stones, stumps, or *branches

Please Note:

  • The leaf collection truck is a separate truck from the household trash truck. Leaf collection trucks unload at Andover's  Bald Hill Compost Site
  • During high-volume weeks, collections can sometimes fall behind. Please leave your bags/barrels curbside until they are collected to avoid a missed pickup
  • Do not use plastic bags of ANY KIND 
  • *Bundled branches are allowed in weekly trash collections. Please view the Trash Collection page for more information

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