Shawsheen Pines Reservation

Not quite six acres in size, Shawsheen Pines is a small reservation, but for boating enthusiasts or anglers, this is an area to explore.  This reservation provides several options for water-based recreation:  there is a basic boat launch area for kayaks and canoes, as well as picnic tables and several areas in which to cast a line into the Shawsheen River.  Canoe/kayak racks are also in place to store boats for an Andover community boating program.   Signs at Shawsheen Pines provide more information about this program if you are interested.  Boaters find this section of the Shawsheen River to be a gentle paddle either upstream or downstream.

A walking trail also extends along the southern bank of the Shawsheen River.  Wildlife sightings are frequent, and viewpoints up and down the river are scenic.  Mature, tall white pine trees provide ample shade on a hot day.  

Public Access

Shawsheen Pines is accessible via Lowell Junction Road in Andover.  Look for a sign reading “Shawsheen Pines – Andover Conservation Land” and a dirt road directly across from the Pfizer facility.  


A small parking lot that can accommodate several cars is available.