The Andover Comprehensive Plan 2023 - - Click on the link below to learn more!

Andover Comprehensive Plan 2023

Presentation to the Planning Board

Background: Andover’s Planning Board adopted the last Master Plan in 2012 (updated to be called the 2023 Andover Comprehensive Plan). The Plan looks 10+ years into the future and takes a broad view of the community and presents Goals and Objectives related to Land Use, Economic Development, Housing, Open Space, Transportation, Cultural and Historic Resources, Municipal Services and other growth related categories.  The Planning Board has relied on the 2012 Master Plan for many of its Special Permit decisions and recommendations to Town Meeting on Warrant Articles.  


  • Lelani Foster, Chair
  • Brian Masterson, Vice Chair
  • Allsion Lex, Clerk
  • Morgan Von Prelle Pecelli, Planning Board
  • Ann Knowles, Planning Board
  • Amy Brearley, Economic Development Council
  • Matt Quinlan
  • Patty Bechard
  • Michal Shyu
  • James Bonfanti
  • Melissa Cryan
  • Prashant Navkal
  • Richard Padova
  • Raj Tekchandani


Step 1: Fall 2021 - Nineteen focus groups were conducted and an Affinity Map was created based on the views and input of the participants.  - Complete √

Step 2: Spring 2022 - complete a Resident Survey to refine the results of the Focus Groups. The Town of Andover will hire a consultant to assist the Committee with the final phases of data collection, public input and compilation of the Plan. Complete √ 

Step 3: Summer 2022 - Work with the consultant, Utile Inc. to outline public input sessions and understand the data and information collected to date Complete √ 

Step 4: Fall 2022 - Met with the residents of Andover and collect additional input with regards to the future growth of Andover.  Public event to review first draft of the Master Plan occurred Novemer 9, 2022 at 7 p.m. at the Memorial Hall Library Complete √ 

Step 5: January and February 2023 - The revised draft of some of the Master Plan was presented on February 1, 2023 at the 3rd Public Meeting held virtually - Complete √  

Step 6: April - JULY 2023 - Revise and finalize draft of the COMPREHENSIVE Plan, present to Select Board, Planning Board and others prior to adoption.  Finalize the Plan and disseminate for Adoption by the Planning Board - Complete √ 

Step 7: August 8, 2023 -  Adoption by the Planning Board

Step 8: September 2023 on - Implementation

February 1, 2023 Public PresenTation:

Affinity Map derived from the Fall 2021 Focus Groups:

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Affinity Map December 2021

Past Plans and Documents: