Downtown Parking Lot Reconstruction Updates Fall 2022:

The construction on the two parking lots behind the Old Town Hall in downtown began on October 15, 2022 with the removal of trees and staging of some construction equipment.  The majority of the construction will occur after March 2023 throughout the fall/winter of 2023.

Phase 1 of the Construction will consist of removal of identified trees, drainage structure improvements, and staging.  


1) All of the trees removed will be replaced with healthy, urban, non-invasive, resilient trees.  
The trees removed were mostly Bradford Pear trees, an ornamental tree that has become invasive and chokes out native species in natural areas and parks. 

2) The redesign of the parking lots will increase pedestrian safety by realigning and widening the sidewalks, adding crosswalks, reducing asphalt,  and increasing the accessiblity for all ages and abilities.  The trees removed were in areas that will be realigned for the above reasons.  

See improvement plans below:

Downtown Rendered Parking Lot Plan

Commencing October 1, 2022, the parking lot behind Old Town Hall and the parking lot next to Park Street and Bartlet Street will be reconfigured to better incorporate pedestrians, vehicles and all movement and circulation downtown.  It will incorporate many green infrastructure and environmentally sustainable elements such as rain gardens and electric vehicle charging stations.

After a public bid process, Tropeano Construction was selected to implement the project. A project schedule will be displayed as soon as it is received.  Anticpated staging and tree removal will happen in early October. 

Parking will be available during the project, but may shift and change as the project progresses.  The project is expected to take approximately 15 months.

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Downtown Parking Lot and Connectivity Design

Pedestrian Experience Enhancements (Published Winter 2022)

Lot 2 Plans
Lot 1 Plan
Driveway Aprons 1 Plans
Andover Rendering 4-22-20

Planned Improvements (Public participation helped design the new parking lots):

Original Concept Plan 2019

Existing Conditions Prior to Construction 

(the last reconstruction of the area - 1986):

Banner Lot
Project Area
Map of Lots

Existing Conditions:

The lots behind Old Town Hall were constructed in 1986 and have been in need of substantial updates to improve stormwater management, circulation, and the overall pedestrian experience.