Vehicle Maintenance

The Vehicle Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipment in the town’s DPW, Police, Fire, Facilities, and School Departments. In addition to routine maintenance and repair, the employees of the Vehicle Maintenance Division design, fabricate, and weld needed components related to vehicles and heavy equipment. They also design, fabricate, and weld special projects for various departments outside of the Vehicle Maintenance Division, such as stormwater grates for the DPW, railings for the Facilities Department, and stools, chairs, and fire extinguisher cabinets for the School Department, etc.

During snow and ice operations, Vehicle Maintenance Division personnel are responsible for service and support in repairing trucks, loaders, snowplows, salt spreaders, and sidewalk tractors as well as operating equipment as needed. The Vehicle Maintenance Division personnel also assist Town staff, in conjunction with various vendors, in putting together specifications for new vehicles and equipment to be purchased to adequately meet the needs of specific departments within the Town.

Vehicle Maintenance Division personnel also respond to emergencies including flooding, fires, weather events, water main breaks, and other situations to provide support.