Proposed MBTA Monopoles in Andover

UPDATE: The monopole project will not advance as proposed.  This site will remain available as a resource. For information about the related Commuter Rail Positive Train Control (PTC) Program go to

The Town of Andover received a notice on 5/3/2017 regarding three proposed monopoles on MBTA property within the Town of Andover.  The proposed monopoles are part of an MBTA project being managed by InMotion Wireless to provide WiFi on commuter trains. The Town was notified about these three monopoles through an email message from Ramaker & Associates Inc., a consultant working for InMotion Wireless. Under the federal requirements of Section 106, Ramaker requested comments from the Town and the public regarding any cultural or historic properties that may be impacted by the proposed monopoles.  Additional details about this proposed project and a comment submission form is included below.  The Town has also established an email list for residents that would like to be notified about meetings and other updates related to this project.  
Submit comments to the Town of Andover using the MBTA Monopoles - online comment form.  These comments will be compiled and submitted to the project proponents and to the Massachusetts Historical Commission in collaboration with our local Preservation Commission.
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Information about the Section 106 Review Process:
A Citizen's Guide to Section 106 Review (PDF) 
The National Historic Preservation Act 1966 (as amended through 2006)
36 CFR PART 800 - PROTECTION OF HISTORIC PROPERTIES (incorporating amendments effective August 5, 2004)
Frequently Asked Questions about Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (PDF)

Andover Preservation Commission Web site

May 31, 2017 Andover Preservation Commission Meeting

APC meeting 5-30-17