Environment & Technology


Andover IT supports an extensive community of users and equipment:

  • 1300+ full and part time employees
  • 6200+ students
  • 23 campus buildings
  • 15+ miles of fiber optic network connecting all buildings; 10,000+ internal wired connections
  • 150+ network switches and appliances
  • Two server and storage farms with 50TB+ capacity
  • 1000+ staff computers; 3000+ student devices; 3000+ BYOD student devices.  Including personal devices our network handles traffic for 15-20,000 devices simultaneously.
  • 1500+ Tablets
  • 500+ each of: wireless access points, interactive projectors, handsets, UC speakers and intercoms
  • Support for an extensive network of security, surveillance, environmental/HVAC, access, audio visual and other systems
  • IT Customer Service responds to 5000+ user help requests per year

The Town maintains two identical master data centers as well as a tertiary data center housed at a remote third party site.  The two primary and secondary data centers provide distributed, load balanced operations during normal operation but allow for completely independent functioning in the event of data center or network failure.  The tertiary data center is a “hardend” facility that houses our main internet connections and provides limited backup and redundancy.  Schools and most town buildings are connected via high speed fiber and have almost no local computing or storage capability.  By centralizing our operations we have greatly reduced both acquisition and maintenance costs while simultaneously providing reliable redundancy and failover.

We currently provide 2gbps of Internet connectivity to all town and school functions.  Large schools and buildings are connected at 10 or 20gbps and our data centers communicate across a 40gbps connection.  All buildings are fully wirelessly enabled.

Key Technologies

Function Vendor
Server HP Blade Servers
Storage 3PAR hybrid flash/spinning SAN
Network HP Fiber Core Switching plus HP/Aruba perimeter switches. Each building is connected to the core via 12 strands of fiber.
Wireless HP/Aruba controllers and access points supported by ClearPass monitoring technology
Backup & Recovery HP Store Once; VEEAM
Perimeter Security Fortinet firewalls; Kemp load balancers
Email and Virus Security Barracuda Anti-Spam firewalls
Email Archiving Barracuda
Email Messaging Microsoft Exchange (staff) and Google Apps for Education (students)
Unified Communications Cisco
Interactive Projectors Epson short throw interactive projectors
Power Management Schneider APC
Desktops HP Prodesk 600 for business use and HP Z240s for CAD and processor intensive applications
Laptops HP Probook 640 for administrators, Apple Macbook,Pros/MacAirs for teaching staff and student labs; HP Chromebooks for student use
Tablets iPads
Management Platforms ManageEngine SDP for service desk
ManageEngine Desktop Central for Windows device management
JAMF Casper for Apple device management
Enterprise Applications MUNIS Finance/Accounting/ERP
ASPEN Student Information System
100’s of department specific and domain specific applications

Personal Productivity Microsoft Office 2016; Google Apps for Education