Summer Water Conservation

Summer 2020

Updated June 23, 2020

Due to the warm temperatures and dry weather, communities across Massachusetts are experiencing high water demand. At this time, we are asking residents to consider conserving water when possible. This includes limiting outdoor watering and the use of irrigation systems.

On June 22, 2020, the Andover Select Board voted to implement Phase Three of the Town of Andover Drought Management Plan.  This allows the town to impose certain restrictions including: restricting outdoor water use to certain days or hours, restricting swimming pool filling, or restricting the use of sprinkler systems. 

At this time, the Town of Andover is asking for residents to voluntarily limit outdoor water use. There are no mandatory restrictions at this time and water conservation measures are very important to maintaining voluntary status. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Restrictions 

Question: Am I still allowed to water my lawn? 
Answer: Yes, but for the health of your lawn, and the health of the water system, it is recommended that you water your lawn every other day, early in the morning, or in the evening. This will ensure your lawn is receiving water at optimal times. Watering your lawn during the day could actually hurt your lawn health. Keep an eye on where you are watering, and make sure you are watering your lawn and not hard surfaces like roads, sidewalks, or your driveway.  Please do not water your lawn during rain events.  

Question: Am I allowed to fill our swimming pool?
Answer: Yes, there are no restrictions on swimming pools. 

Question: Does Andover have enough water? 
Answer: Yes, Andover has no issues with water supply. The dry weather, hot temperatures, and more residents being home as a result of COVID-19 has increased the demand on the physical infrastructure necessary to move water throughout the Town.  

Question: Are other communities experiencing high water demand or imposing water use restrictions?
Answer: Yes. Please see a full list here. In addition, the following Merrimack Valley communities are experiencing increases in demand: North Andover, Tewksbury, Haverhill, Methuen, Lawrence, Newburyport, Danvers, Billerica, and Salisbury.

Question: We sell water to North Reading, do they have similar restrictions?
Answer: As part of our agreement with North Reading, they must impose the same or more restrictive water restrictions to their residents, if Andover imposes any restrictions. On Friday, June 19th, North Reading imposed mandatory outdoor water use restrictions, limiting outdoor watering to two days per week.

Question: What are some ways I can save water?
Answer: The state has issued a helpful guide to water conservation that can be found here.  

Seasonal water use accounts for two thirds of the water produced each day from mid-June through mid-September. This increase in use reflects 6,300 gallons per minute that is applied primarily to lawns by irrigation systems and sprinklers.

Greenscapes Community

  • Andover is recognized as a Greenscapes community. As such, the Town encourages all residents and businesses to utilize the community's drinking water resources in a responsible manner. During these hot Summer months, everyone can conserve water by:
  • Watering only at dawn or after dusk - the best times for the health of your lawn
  • Utilizing rain barrels to reuse water on a sunny day
  • Using the 'Walk Test' to determine if watering is necessary
  • Maintaining irrigation systems to prevent leaks and waste
  • Water plants, not pavement
For more cost-effective ways to conserve water usage, please visit the Greenscapes website and be sure to pick up Greenscapes materials available both at Memorial Hall Library and Town Offices.

EPA WaterSense Partner

Andover is a sponsor of US EPA’s WaterSense Program. As a partner we are committed to promoting indoor and outdoor water efficiency, to conserving  water resources and promoting WaterSense certified products. The Town of Andover's Water Division also offers free indoor and outdoor water savings kits for residents which can be picked up at the Municipal Services Facility located at 5 Campanelli Drive. For more information, visit the EPA's WaterSense website.