Summer Water Conservation

Seasonal water use accounts for two thirds of the water produced each day from mid-June through mid-September. This increase in use reflects 6,300 gallons per minute that is applied primarily to lawns by irrigation systems and sprinklers.

Greenscapes Community

  • Andover is recognized as a Greenscapes community. As such, the Town encourages all residents and businesses to utilize the community's drinking water resources in a responsible manner. During these hot Summer months, everyone can conserve water by:
  • Watering only at dawn or after dusk - the best times for the health of your lawn
  • Utilizing rain barrels to reuse water on a sunny day
  • Using the 'Walk Test' to determine if watering is necessary
  • Maintaining irrigation systems to prevent leaks and waste
  • Water plants, not pavement
For more cost-effective ways to conserve water usage, please visit the Greenscapes website and be sure to pick up Greenscapes materials available both at Memorial Hall Library and Town Offices.