Adopt an Island

Adopt An Island

The Town of Andover is seeking residents and businesses to maintain and landscape traffic islands in the Town.

Requests to “Adopt and Island” must be made in writing to the Town Manager’s Office:
Town Offices
36 Bartlet Street
Andover, MA 01810

Please provide:
  • Name, address and telephone number of person or business
  • Location of island
  • Design or layout of proposed planting
All designs will be reviewed by the Superintendent of Parks and Grounds with a recommendation made to the Town Manager.

Planting must be maintained for at least two years from the time of planting and continued as long as the area is maintained in a good condition.

The person or business shall pay for the cost of the sign. The Town of Andover will provide the “Adopt an Island” sign design and designate a vendor or vendors. Signs must conform to the Town of Andover Zoning Bylaw regulations.

The only maintenance performed by the Town will be on islands presently maintained by the Parks & Grounds Division. This work consists of the cutting and clean-up of said islands.

The island shall be maintained by the person or business who made the request to adopt the island. If at any point the Town deems that the island is unsightly due to lack of care, then the Town will remove the “Adopt an Island” sign and the material on the island and the person or business will forfeit their rights to plant the island.

If at any time the planting is deemed to interfere with traffic or views of traffic, then the Town will take steps to correct the problem in consultation with the adopter.

All islands will be required to have at least a spring and fall clean up to remove any debris.

Islands Maintained by the Parks & Grounds Division

Note: This work consists of mowing the grass and spring and fall clean-ups.
  • Andover Street
  • Ballardvale Green
  • Elm Green
  • Essex Street
  • Haverhill Street at High Street
  • High Street
  • Lowell Street and Beacon Street
  • Main Street at Hidden Road
  • North Street
  • Osgood Street at Raytheon
  • Poor Street
  • Porter Road at Hidden Road
  • School Street and Central Street
  • Stevens Street and Main Street
These are the only islands that the Parks & Grounds Division maintains and at some of these locations there are gardens that have been planted by various groups. There are many circles and cul-de-sacs in Town that have been planted by the neighborhood and are maintained by these people with no assistance or involvement by the Town.