If an abatement is granted, you will receive a notice in the mail showing the corrected tax amounts. Most abatements are granted on the basis of corrected or new information submitted to the Board. The information is corrected in the record permanently. Examples of these corrections might be the number of bathrooms in the home, the measurements of portions of the home, the age of the home, topography factors, or location factors. These adjustments are typically permanent. This does not mean that your value will remain at a constant level. It means that these factors will now be used to calculate any future value.

Other types of corrections are not permanent changes. These corrections would be primarily for the condition of the home. Such corrections are reviewed on an annual basis by inspections to observe if deficiencies have been corrected.

Abatements are granted on the basis of property value and not the tax bill amount. A tax bill increase is not a valid appeal basis.


After review, the Board may choose to deny the allegations contained in your application. A denial will be issued.