Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

MIMAP 2.0 Tutorial Videos on YouTube

Our Mission

The mission of Andover's Geographic Information System (GIS) program is to provide town-wide spatial information for mapping and analyzing data about our community.

Andover's GIS Program

Initiated in 1998, GIS data captured from aerial photography included "planimetric" layers such as building footprints, roads, topography, water bodies, sidewalks, recreation features, and paved areas. Additional features were derived from GPS field collection (water, sewer, and drainage utilities) or by merging GIS data with digitized maps (parcels and wetlands mapping). Other GIS layers were added for regulatory or informational purposes, including zoning, overlay districts, school districts, voting precincts, open space, snowplow routes, and public safety routes. Data maintenance by Town staff is an on-going process, using a variety of sources including digital imagery from MassGIS and Pictometry, GPS field collection, and survey plans.

Interactive Mapping Tool

The Interactive Mapping (MIMAP 2.0) Tool is an online GIS view that provides access to Andover's GIS layers, data and maps, and includes tools for viewing, printing and selecting information. To learn more about using this tool, view our Interactive Mapping Tool Tutorial on YouTube.

Online Map Gallery

Please check out The online Map & Application Gallery and feel free to provide comments or feedback as many of these are still in development.

GIS Documents