Ledge Road Landfill Closure

Project Overview

View the most recent presentation: Ledge Road Landfill Closure Presentation (9.13.2023)Landfill finished plan - SMALL

Site Description

  • Located off Greenwood Road and Chandler Road in the Town of Andover
  • A 23-acre former municipal landfill that stopped receiving waste in 1972
  • A portion of the former landfill is currently used as a DPW Materials Handling Area
  • A portion of the former landfill was used for recreational athletic fields up until 2016
  • Landfill-related contamination has been detected in groundwater, surface water, and wetland soil downgradient and west of the landfill. Arsenic concentrations in downgradient wetland soil were observed significantly higher than the MassDEP Imminent Hazard Criteria. Release Tracking number (RTN)3-27632 was assigned to the site. 

Overview of Work

Cap and close the ledge Road Landfill, including but not limited to mobilization site preparation, grading, wetland soil remediation (excavation and relocation to landfill), waste consolidation, construction of the landfill capping system including passive landfill gas system and stormwater control systems, wetland replication, clean-up, and demobilization.

Greenwood Road drainage system improvements include the installation of deep sump catch basins, an in-line separator, and a new 18” outfall pipe.

Ledge Road Landfill Closure Documents