Legal Department

The Legal Department provides legal representation and advice to the Town Manager, the Select Board, and all other officials, departments, and commissions of the Town of Andover. The Department advises all Town boards and officials about their legal responsibilities and prerogatives. It represents the Town, its agencies and officers in all courts of various state and federal jurisdiction within Massachusetts and before state administrative agencies such as the Civil Service Commission, the Labor Relations Commission, the Appellate Tax Board, the Department of Environmental Protection, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and the Department of Industrial Accidents. The Legal Department is responsible for handling the following representative matters:

  • Investigation, analysis, adjusting and/or litigation of all personal injury, contract, civil rights, property damage and other claims brought against the Town of Andover.
  • Representation of the Town in affirmative litigation.
  • Drafting warrant articles and votes at Town Meeting for Town officials and citizens of the Town.
  • Preparation and/or review of all contracts, leases, deeds, applications and other legal instruments concerning contractual and legal arrangements with public and private agencies in the purchase of properties and materials, the rendering of services, and awarding of grants.
  • Identification and prosecution of subrogation and indemnity claims.
  • Building/zoning enforcement actions and health and fire code violations in the courts.
  • Representing the Town's interests in bankruptcy actions.
  • Preparation of Town By-laws.
  • Preparation of Special Legislation for the Town Manager, Select Board, and Town Meeting.
  • Attendance at all Select Board meetings and meetings of various other municipal boards, commissions and committees when requested.
  • Preparation of written advisory and interpretive opinions.
  •  Confidential Counseling on conflict-of-interest compliance.
  •  Resources and Training for Town boards, committee and commissions.
  1. Douglas W. Heim

    Town Counsel

  2. Kathryn L. Forina

    Legal Administrator / Records Access Officer